Happy Earth Day!
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April 21st, 9:59pm 13 notes

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day is cool. I mean, what more can be said about a day on which 192 countries around one planet pause to consider the health of the world we share—and will ultimately leave behind for others? 

One of the artists I’m honored to represent at Bright recently wrote and illustrated a striking story that explores conservation through a polar bear’s search for a new home—in response to melting ice.

Not surprisingly, since its publication in October, it has been flooded by positive reviews. In the same vein as Bob Staake’s recent Bluebird, this story skews somber and serious. But there is bravery behind putting books like this into the kids’ market which I applaud.

Frann Preston-Gannon’s The Journey Home is an important picture book. It belongs in every family’s library. It will move kids and adults alike. And it is, in my humble opinion, the absolute perfect picture book selection for Earth Day.


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